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About Our Services

We work exclusively in the Medical Device and Healthcare Industries, we provide search solutions in mid to senior levels. We specialize in Sales Management/Sales, Marketing, R&D, Quality, and Physician Practice positions. The majority of our clients find that each need within their organization requires a unique solution. Frequently, we work with a single client under different options simultaneously, depending upon the level of the open positions. We can suggest the appropriate solutions for your specific needs. An advanced comprehensive search and selection process enables us to partner with our client.

The search and selection process flexes to fit individual client requirements, while providing unparalleled levels of service. The Modified Retained and Priority Search options are appropriate at all staffing levels where need is significant and timing important. 

If you believe that great mid-managers and directors are as important to the success of your company as great senior management, let me explain how redefining your search process can make all the difference finding and attracting the best...


Client Service



We make complete relocation services available to candidates of client companies at no charge. This allows smaller organizations to have relocation services comparable to Fortune 500 companies at no additional cost and save money at the same time.

Search Options for:


Sales Management, VP, Senior, Mid Management, Sales Force


Marketing, VP,  Director, Product, Marcom

Quality Assurance

R&D Engineering

Clinical Affairs

Medical Office Staffing


Private Equity Access:

Growth and Liquidity Funding For Middle Market Companies

Area Director of Sales X4 (Surgical Robotics)

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager (Surgical Robotics)

VP Global Sales (Surgical Robotics)


Medical Office Staff

Senior Director Quality

Director Quality

General Manager/VP Europe 

Director of Q/A - Orthopedics

Quality Manager - Musculoskeletal

Sr. R&D Engineer 

Sales Force build out, 35 reps 

VP of Marketing - Implantable Devices

VP of R&D